Town Docks

The Swansboro area features three public docks in its historic downtown designed to make access to the town easy and convenient.  The largest of the three, the Church Street Dock, is a fixed and floating dock located at the water end of Church Street.  Boaters can easily slide into its 10 transient slips from the Intracoastal Waterway and dock for the day or overnight.  With a dockside depth of 8 feet, the slips can accommodate vessels up to 100 ft., and charges $1.50 per foot/per day.  The dock also provides both electricity and water and is pet friendly.

Swansboro’s Public Day Dock, also known as the Town Dinghy Dock, is located at the end of Main Street.  This dual purpose dock is used both for fishing and docking smaller boats for the day.  There is no charge for using the dock, and with its central location in the downtown area, it’s the perfect place to dock, shop, and dine for the day.

The town’s Moore Street Dock is yet another day option for smaller boats.  Located adjacent to the Icehouse Waterfront Restaurant at the foot of Moore Street, the dock features two free boat slips for smaller vessels plus a pedestrian walkway. 

Church Street Dock

 (9 Slip Floating Dock) Located at end of Church St.

1 facing slip: 
Length:  100 ft.
Depth:  10 ft.

6 internal slips:
12 ft. 7" w by 50 ft. 
Depth:  8 ft.

2 internal slips:
25 ft. w by 50 ft.
Depth:  8 ft.


Restrooms at visitors center - open 24 hours

Pump out $5 - please allow 24 hrs. notice

Electric $5

Internet access - please ask for password at registration

NOT  Staffed

CALL: (910) 326-2600

NOTE:  During tidal transitions, a strong current runs parallel with shoreline.


Main Street Dock

Located at the end of Main St. (day usage)

Length:  50 ft.

Depth:  6-8 ft.

Moore Street Dock

Located at the end of Moore Street.
(day usage, Floating dock)

Length:  55 ft.

Depth:  8-10 ft.