Family Fun

One thing's for sure. In Swansboro…there's never enough time in the beautiful, sunny day to do all of the fun things to do in this seaside town! But don't worry! There's always tomorrow! So…you like the water. Well, you can boat, fish, swim, kayak, paddleboard, practice YOGA on your paddleboard (didn't see that one coming, did ya?), ski or sail.

If you're more of a land lover, you can bike, hike, run, roller skate or walk about our historic town. If you're a walker AND a history buff to boot, stop by Swansboro Visitors' Center for the Swansboro Historic Association's Walking Tour Pamphlet of Historic Downtown Swansboro. And if you're a golfer, don't worry. Beautiful golf courses are just a few short minutes away!

October is time for the two-day Swansboro Mullet Festival. During November, Swansboro kicks off the holiday season with the Swansboro by Candlelight shopping event. Thanksgiving weekend kids of all ages are treated to the arrival of Santa at the Swansboro Christmas Flotilla.

But I came here to relax, you say! Well, go right ahead! Maybe all you want to do is loose yourself in a great beach read and find an amazing shell or two…or shop…or dine…or whatever! Good for you! Make your own schedule…do your own thing! Just remember…whether you want to relax OR you want to pack every minute with adventure…Swansboro is the place for you!

Mark your calendars for Swansboro's famous festivals throughout the year! In June, Swansboro celebrates the "Arts by the Sea" festival. Fourth of July fireworks and festivities are always a downtown draw!